Bite size cheese stuffed potatoes - #cheese #potato #chipotle #appetizer #superbowl #vegetarian #glutenFree #Super Bowl

Small Bites For The Big Game – Bite Size Chipotle Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

There is something really playful and comforting about bite sized foods.  They’re fun, they’re easy to eat and they’re perfect for entertaining. Like, if you’re hosting  a party for that big football game coming up… How about trying these Bite Size Chipotle Cheese Stuffed Potatoes? A healthier, vegetarian  spin on the traditional  potato skins. Instead […]

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Vegan Cauliflower Gratin #vegan #cauliflower #vegetarian #entree #Cheese #kosher #gluten free

Vegan Cauliflower Gratin

The “New Year’s Resolution Phenomenon” is quite interesting to watch. Especially from a fitness and nutrition perspective. We all know this is the time of year when  gyms are completely packed, and grocery stores can’t keep up with the demand of “cleansing” products like cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice. I wish people would […]

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3 bean sweet potato chili - #chili, #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #bean #dinner, #superbowl #footbal #recipe #kosher

3 Bean & Sweet Potato Chili

 A couple of nights ago I had a pretty frightening nightmare: I was back in high school. And no, it wasn’t the typical I-realized-people-were-staring-at-me-cause-I-was-naked kind of nightmare. Even worse than that. I dreamed I was back studying for finals. History, Chemistry, Geometry… All of it! Just when I thought I had left it all behind […]

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Fennel and chickpeas provençal - chickpeas, fennel, olives, capers, kosher, vegan , vegetarian, gliuten free

Meatless Monday – Fennel & Chickpeas Provençal

First week of January. Gym was packed this morning. The words “Clean eating”, “Detox” and “Weight loss” are plastered all over magazines, social media and television. “Light” recipes are popping out all over. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. We all know, it happens every year. We start off with the best intentions. We keep […]

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The Most Mouthwatering Vegan Holiday Recipe Roundup From “Finding Vegan” Bloggers

Vegan Link Round-up! There are some amazing vegan recipes, books, features and more out there on the internet, but it can be challenging to track down great content sometimes! That is where comes in. FV features recipes and more from the best vegan-friendly bloggers on the web! And this year, we FV asked some […]

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peppermint chocolate cookies #peppermint #cookies #chocolate #mint #vegan #dessert

Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

This chocolate/mint combination every one seems to love… Let’s talk about it for a minute. We don’t quite get it. Seriously. For us, mint belongs in one of two places: either gum or anything used for oral hygiene. Ok, fresh mint leaves in cooking maybe, but that’s about it. And we know very few people […]

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Dates Stuffed with Warm Brie Pistachios & Pomegranates - #appetizer #Brie #dates #vegetarian #pistachios #pomegranates

Dates Stuffed with Warm Brie Pistachios & Pomegranates

Cheese is probably one of the main go-to items people choose for entertaining. It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s decadent, and with so many varieties, it’s an almost guaranteed crowd pleaser. For those who keep kosher however, it can get a little tricky. Kosher cheeses aren’t always easy to find. Grocery stores normally offer a very […]

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Cheese & Cauliflower Fritters - Delicious entrée or appetizer #chanukah, #hanukah, #holidays, #cauliflower # vegetarian #entree #appetizer

Cauliflower & Cheese Fritters

If we had to give awards for “Vegetable of the year”, cauliflower would be the winner for 2014, hands down. Most of you will probably agree, I’m sure! Thanks, especially, to the Paleo craze, this humble little vegetable has come out of the shadows to become the start of countless recipes throughout the year. Professional […]

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Chewy Almond Thumbprint Cookies With Spiced Pear Jam (Vegan)

  Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Here comes another cookie recipe. Just like the other thousand you’ve already seen in the past week. Because we all know, this time of year, it’s impossible to get away from them. They’re in the office, they’re at home, on Facebook, at your neighbor’s holiday party, at the […]

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roasted vegetables with roasted cheese croutons - chanukah, hannukah, cheese, vegetables, vegetarian, recipe, kosher,

Roasted Vegetables With Fried Moroccan Spice Cheese “Croutons”

Growing up, our mom used to make us seared Haloumi cheese, and serve it as part of a light dinner.  For us, it was almost like  a treat, since it’s one of THE MOST  delicious thing we’ve ever had. If you’re not familiar with it, Haloumi   is a semi-hard type of cheese that melts at […]

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