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  1. This looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So easy and fun…I love the idea of a Spanish dinner party- people will love it. Enjoy the rest of you trip to Barcelona! Thanks for bringing your experience to our kitchen.

  2. We are in Madrid now, headed to Barcelona later in the week. Do you have an places to eat that you can recommend?!

  3. This is my best “don’t want to cook tonight” recipe. Easy, quick, and goes well with scrambled eggs and Israeli Salad…Done and Delicious!! Best part, hubby loves it!

  4. Many people shy away from making patatas bravas at home, because they don’t want to deep-fry. But a hot oven works beautifully, no frying required! Thanks for spreading the patatas bravas gospel. 😉

  5. I am from the Basque country and we do something similar but with a spicy tomato sauce. The basic idea is the same. Excellent snack with a cold beer or a nice wine and friends. Agur!