Middle Eastern Style Grilled Cheese, Revisited

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  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Yield: 1 Sandwich 1x
  • Category: Sandwich


  • 1 pita pocket
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese*
  • ¼ cup crumbled feta cheese*
  • 1 tsp zatar**
  • ½ tbsp butter or non-hydrogenated vegetable spread


  1. Carefully, open up the pita pocket and sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese, making sure it doesn’t get too close to the edges.
  2. Add feta cheese on top and sprinkle with zatar
  3. Melt butter on a skillet at medium low heat. Place sandwich and cook until golden brown, for about a minute or two.
  4. Turn the sandwich over and let it cook until the bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted.
  5. ENJOY!! From May I have that recipe


* For a vegan option, you can substitute non-dairy cheese for regular cheese.

**Zatar is a Middle Easter herb mixture that can be found in specialty stores. If you can’t find it, try using oregano, thyme or Italian seasoning.