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Vegan Frozen Mocha Cake (Gluten Free)

  • Author:
  • Total Time: 2 hours 15 mins


  • 15 gluten free, vegan chocolate chip cookies (store bought or home made, recipe follows)
  • 1-8oz container vegan whipped topping ], thawed (such as So Delicious CocoWhip)
  • 1-8oz container vegan light whipped topping, thawed (such as So Delicious Light CocoWhip)
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2-3 tsp instant coffee (use more for a stronger coffee taste)
  • 3 tsp water
  • For the chocolate drizzle (optional):
  • 3 tbsp gluten free, vegan chocolate chips
  • 2 tsp coconut oil


  1. Combine both whipped toppings in a large bowl. Add cocoa powder and mix gently, using a spatula or wooden spoon
  2. Dissolve instant coffee in water and add to the whipped topping/cocoa mixture, mixing until all the ingredients are well incorporated
  3. Line a large loaf pan ( a 9x5x2 or similar) with plastic wrap. Lay 5 cookies on the bottom (you might need to cut some in half to make them fit)
  4. Gently spread 1/3 of the whipped topping mixture over the cookies. Add another layer of cookies, followed by another layer of cream. Repeat the process one more time and freeze for at least 2 hours
  5. Before serving, prepare the chocolate drizzle. Melt chocolate and coconut oil until smooth (you can do this in the microwave, at 20 second increments). Remove the loaf pan from the freezer. Turn it upside down onto to a plate, remove the pan and gently peel off the plastic wrap. Drizzle with melted chocolate
  • Prep Time: 2 hours 15 mins
  • Category: Dessert
  • Cuisine: Kosher / Vegan

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