Product Review: Sambazon Frozen Smoothie Packs

Sambazon frozen smoothie packs #sambazon #açai #açai bowls #smoothies

If you visit natural grocery stores often, like we do, chances are you’ve noticed the pretty purple Sambazon bottles of juice  displayed in the coolers, usually by the registers.

What you might have missed however, are the Sambazon  frozen Açai  smoothie packs, located (obviously) in the frozen aisle.

Açai is a tiny purple berry, rich in antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, and it is considered a superfood (or a superfruit  in this case). Sambazon is one of the largest importers of Açai, and also imports other Amazon super foods. All Sambazon products are USDA Organic & Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and gluten free. The company’s Fair Trade partnership helps to protect the Amazon rainforest and benefits more than 10,000 family farmers.

When we first heard about the Sambazon smoothie packs, we were a little intrigued, so we gave them a try. This Açai puree comes in a super convenient 4-pack, each individually wrapped and ready to use. And since they come in both  sweetened and unsweetened versions, we bought both to try them out.

Sambazon frozen smoothie packs #sambazon #açai #açai bowls #smoothies

We decided to use in a smoothie. We used frozen bananas, blueberries and a Sambazon smoothie pack. It was absolutely delicious. Talk about a nutritious breakfast!

One of the things we loved the most is the versatility of these packs.

You can blend them with your favorite nut butter and frozen fruit until thick and creamy, top it with fresh fruit, nuts, granola, cocoa nibs, chia or flax seeds and you have a super nutritious Açai bowl.

You can enjoy your Açai bowl for breakfast, as a snack or healthy dessert and even as a refreshing light dinner in the summer.  The possibilities are endless, just let your imagination run free! The result will always be a nutritious treat that tastes good AND is good for you.

For Açai bowl recipe ideas, click here.


Sambazon frozen smoothie packs #sambazon #açai #açai bowls #smoothies

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2 Responses to Product Review: Sambazon Frozen Smoothie Packs

  1. Raquel August 5, 2014 at 8:15 pm #

    These look really good..i will definitly have to go try them!

    • Vicky & Ruth August 5, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

      The smoothie packs taste great and they are super nutritious as well.

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